Past Indiana Artist Biographies


  • Brown County Artist Biographies

    Artists Who Lived and Worked in Brown County Indiana

    Adolf Shulz who is considered the father of the Brown County Art Colony, moved to the area around 1914. As more and more artists heard about the scenic beauty of the area, they made painting trips on weekends and during the summer months to capture the Brown County landscape. Although there were many who were content with just visiting the very rustic and rural area, many were not.

    The following artists are those who succumbed to the beauty, bought homes and setup studios in and around Nashville, IN., and lived there most, if not all of their lives.

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  • Hoosier Group Biographies

    Theodore Clemet Steele, Richard Gruelle, William Forsyth, John Ottis Adams and Otto Stark

    The Hoosier Group was a group of well known Indiana Impressionist painters that worked in the late and early 19th century and consisted of five artists Theodore Clemet Steele, Richard Gruelle, William Forsyth, John Ottis Adams and Otto Stark. The group first received their name in 1894 by Chicago art critic Hamlin Garland during an exhibition at the Denison Hotel in Indianapolis Indiana. Garland named them the Hoosier Group and sponsored the same show in Chicago a month later. The artist were not only part of the impressionistic movement but were also regionalists due to their decision to paint around their homes in Indiana.  By 1904, The Hoosier Group was famous across the nation, and an entire building at the World’s Fair in St. Louis was provided their group exhibition

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  • Richmond Group Artists Biographies

    In the late 19th Century to mid 20th century a group of impressionists, painting in and around Richmond Indiana became known as the Richmond group or Richmond school of artists These artists had no formal organization but were instrumental in starting the Art Association of Richmond IN. Though not a comprehensive list, the group of artist considered to be a part of this group are listed in this section

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  • Other Past Indiana Artist Biographies
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