Want To Buy Indiana Art


If you have art for sale by Indiana Artists please provide the following information.

1. Asking price for the painting
2. Size of painting
3. Media: (Oil, Watercolor, pastel etc.)
4. Condition (missing paint, cracks in paint, Holes, etc.)
5. If the painting is signed on the front
6. Any other information on the back of the painting such as show or Gallery tags, Title of painting etc.)

Please send your email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once I receive your information, I will contact you via email as soon as possible.

Thank in advance for your reply

John Otis Adams Adam E. Albright George Ames Albright Ruth B Anderson
Clayson Herbert Baker George H. Baker Elizabeth Baum George Baum
Gustave Baumann Dale Bessire Claude Curry Bohm Louis W. Bonsib
Francis Forcer Brown Francis C.  Brown Anthony Buchta Luck Buck
Ken Bucklew John Elwood Bundy Peggy Burkett Ruthven Byrum 
V. J.. Cariani Gianni Cilfone  Charles Dahalgreen David Dale
Homer G. Davission Orin Draver  James Eccles Maude Eggemeyer 
Walter Eyden  Gordon Fiscus  Constance Forsyth  William Forsyth 
Frank J. Girardin  Mari Goth  Carl Graf  Louis Oscar Griffith 
Frederick Ebbesen Grue  Richard B. Gruelle Charles Gruppe  Lucy Hartrath 
Barton S. Hays Glenn C. Henshaw  Floyd Hooper  Art Humple 
George LaChance  Ethel Lomasney  Leota W. Loop  Carl Lotick 
Evelynne  Mess George Jo Mess  Charles W. Mundy  Nancy Noel 
Fredrick Rigley  Thom Robinson  Robert M Root  Margaret Rudisill 
Paul Sargent  R. L. Selfridge  Ada Walter Shultz Adolph Shulz 
Edward R Sitzman  Derk Smit   Jerry Smith Florence Smithburn 
William McKendree Snyder  Orro Stark  Theodore Clement Steele  Dwight Steininger 
Bryan Tarlton  Harry R. Townsend  Joseph A. Trover  Arnold Turtle 
John William Vawter  Frank Vietor  Jean Vietor  Clitton Wheeler 
Edward K Williams  Carl Wolsey  John Zwara   


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